Li-Fi Lighting Molding L-Shaped Molding

The non-slip aluminum product, made in Korea, boasts the highest quality, durability,
and vivid colors. It can be installed in places that require staircases or in places that are slippery, such as department stores, apartments, and subways.

Non-slip aluminum L-shaped corner molding

40mm x 40mm x 3T x 3100mm
This is a non-slip L-shaped corner molding made with aluminum that comes in
three colors--cherry, chestnut, and black. The non-slip, L-shaped aluminum corner molding
sold by Woodcore is a domestically produced product.
Non-slip, anti-static aluminum T-molding

Easy to clean and resistant to fire.

It is a non-combustible, semi-permanent, ultra-light, and eco-friendly product that does not fall off or rust.

With a slim design, there is no jamming that occurs with other thick non-slip products.

Good for finishing decks and stairs.

It is mainly used for padding purposes when the finish for deck or stair corners is not clean.


  • Step 01
    Clean the installation site
    thoroughly before beginning
  • Step 02
    After drilling with a drill bit,
    fix the product with the
  • Step 03
    Tighten the piece head with an
    electric drill and complete
    the installation.

L-Molding product types and specifications


  • UDAM-40AL-R(Cherry)
    W40 x H40 x T3 x L3100mm
  • UDAM-40AL-D(Dark Brown)
    W40 x H40 x T3 x L3100mm
  • UDAM-40AL-B(Black)
    W40 x H40 x T3 x L3100mm

※ Product color and design may change depending on the period of receipt.

※ There may be variances depending on the size measurement method.

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